About the Site

livid☆dreams is my personal website. It's a place to showcase my creations and hoard things I find interesting or useful. The site's birthday is on June 1st, which makes it a Gemini.

The site's name is based on the phrase "vivid dreams", which I often see in my sleep. Livid is a lovely gray-blue color. Another definition of livid is "extremely furious", but that isn't the one I'm using here!

I created this site out of nostalgia for the Web 2.0 days and as a safe haven from the hostile environment of social media. Unfortunately, I still use Instagram from time to time, because this site is still a bit too obscure for reliable art exposure. I definitely prefer life here on Neocities, where I am free to relax and express myself.

The site is rated 13+ for swearing, light blood and violence in my artwork, and simply because I do not create content with young children in mind.

About Me

Howdy, I'm the webmaster, Ever Gray. I'm 21 years old. My pronouns are they/she/he.

I hold the Pokémon series very near and dear to my heart. Even more so the Mystery Dungeon spinoffs, which I have always been obsessed with. I also enjoy Vocaloid, Animal Crossing, and Yume Nikki.

I am a furry. My fursona is Zero, the monster opossum. I love the creativity and self-expression that thrives in the furry fandom. Not to mention, drawing colorful animal-people is just plain fun!

I love my pets, namely three old cats, a crazy scruffy dog, and a little Pac-Man frog. I also love my boyfriend. He is a good lad. ♥

As for my personality, imagine a textbook example of a Taurus, sprinkle in a dash of introversion, and then dump a giant bucket full of ADHD all over it. The end result is a beautiful mess.